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Accelerate Your Learning: All-In-One Day Course at iGPAS

iOS All-In-One Day Course For The Norkors 

Unlock a new level of learning with iGPAS’s All-In-One Day Course. In just one day, you can gain new skills, earn a certification, and enhance both your personal and professional growth through our innovative Short-Cut Learning (SCL) method. This method is specifically designed to provide Information Overload Solutions (iOS), helping you manage and overcome Information Overload Issues (iOi).

Who is this course for?

This course is designed for ‘Norkors’—people who are keen to learn new things or refresh their knowledge efficiently. Suitable for adults aged 18 and older, it’s perfect for those looking to tackle the challenge of information overload by acquiring new skills quickly and effectively. Although we believe age is just a number, this course is currently designed for adults only.

What will you achieve?

– Quick Learning: Complete all 16 courses in just one day using our unique SCL approach.

– Certification: Receive a certification at the end of the day that recognises your new skills and knowledge.

– Personal and Professional Growth: This intensive learning experience is aimed at boosting your career and personal development through practical Information Overload Solutions (iOS).

The Story Behind ‘Norkors’

The term ‘Norkors’ originates from our founder and CEO’s personal strategy for managing Information Overload Issues (iOi). ‘NORK’ stands for New Or Revision Knowledge. By adding ‘or’ at the end, it becomes ‘Norkor’, representing individuals dedicated to learning and sharing knowledge efficiently and appropriately.

This naming reflects our commitment to offering solutions that help individuals manage the overwhelming amount of information they encounter daily.

Course Structure

Our All-In-One Day Course is uniquely tailored to provide a comprehensive learning experience:

– Core Courses: Each participant completes 12 essential courses. These courses introduce and consult on key topics across several domains, incorporating our Short-Cut Learning (SCL) techniques to effectively tackle Information Overload Issues (iOi) with practical Information Overload Solutions (iOS):

Education: IntEdu, Language (Arabic, English, Turkish, Persian, Urdu, Spanish, Chinese, Russian), Math, Chemistry and EduCAM

Health: IntHea, Human Anatomy, Nutrition, Mental Health, Pre-Hospital, Health & Safety, Fire & Rescue, First Aid and HeaCAM

Business: IntBus, Economy, Business Administration, Real Estate, Marketing and BusCAM

Tourism: IntTou, Geography and TouCAM

Technology: IntTec, IT, AI, Cybersecurity and TecCAM

Other: IntOth, Cooking & Food Productions, Self-Defense and Fight Art (SAFA), Auto & Mechanic, Researcher and OthCAM

Custom Selection: Customize your learning by choosing 4 additional courses from our diverse range, allowing you to shape the day to your specific interests and needs.

Get Involved

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Why Choose iGPAS?

Our All-In-One Day Course is strategically structured to provide extensive learning in a concise timeframe. We understand the challenges of finding quality learning opportunities that fit busy schedules, so we’ve designed this course to be efficient, engaging, and rewarding. It specifically addresses the Information Overload Issues many face daily, offering practical solutions through our Short-Cut Learning approach and our Information Overload Solutions, ensuring that learning remains a joy and a practical growth path in your life.

Enhance Your Learning Experience

By joining our course, you’ll not only gain new skills but also become part of a dedicated community of learners. Our commitment to high-quality education and nurturing potential makes iGPAS the perfect place to grow and succeed. Through our courses, you will learn to manage information effectively, avoiding overload and ensuring that learning remains a joy and a practical growth path in your life.

Course Notice

– General Knowledge Focus: Our courses such as GP, Dentist, and Psychologist are designed to provide broad general knowledge about these professions. They cover essentials like the pathways to becoming a professional in these fields, understanding their daily roles, how to choose a good professional, and ways to collaborate or assist them in a professional setting. This knowledge is vital for leaders who need a well-rounded understanding to make informed decisions and guide others effectively.